So what am I up to at the moment...

Well this Corona Virus lockdown has made things hard, but things are easing now.  There have been a lot of changes, and new project on the horizon and/or under development. 

I am still training, just there areant any events or shoots with social distancing being what it is.  hopefully things will change soon.  In the mean time I have spent some time on my YouTube channel, which is pretty much non existant at the moment.  With an aim to do some tech videos, hints and tips, and show some of my event work i have already filmed.  so please go check it out!  

I keep my Instagram regularly updated with the latest goings on and interesting events. (well NOT at the moment! but feel free to have a look at some of last years events on there).  My feed is below, feel free to follow me at

I am now Member of "The Societies"

Exposure and credibility are a constant challenge to keep people up to date and knowing I’m available. 

So, I have joined the societies, a network of professionals that have specific areas for different types of photography.  Click the individual images for more information on the societies activities. 

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