Video Archive

Just a few examples of my video event work. I have done quite a bit of simple video work in the past, but recently got more into video alongside photo work as my equipment has improved.

I also do a little personal tips and tricks YouTube videos, but as you will see, I am more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. 

Topsy Curvy at the Curve Fashion Festival 

Catwalk Show Video, filmed with one camera for the brand's YouTube channel. 

Curve Fashion Festival Tour

Filmed hand held with only a camera mounted microphone.  

Followinf THe Teamp Topsy ladies on a tour of the rest of the liverpool shows stands. 

Bloomin Sexy

Whiles at the fashion show, this stand was next to ours, I did a very off the cuff post for their instagram. 

YouTube Personal Projects

I really should do more tutorialvideos.  They are only basic but when Isee a subject I can help with, I definitely try too.  

This setup and tips video, even thoughit is for a very niche product, has had a lot of views and positivefeedback, 

Social Media

I had to post this.  I host Body Positivity Beach Photo Shoots withmy Wife and out friends at Topsy Curvy.

They are generally is aimed at beingfun, and that tends to now include TikTok videos, they really are a hugeadvertising area that people miss out on, this video, (at the time of posting)has 6.7million views.

I  am really looking to get more invloved with Insatagram reels, and short form content in 2022. 

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